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Personal Knowledge Management 
made simple.

Quickly store and categorize bits of knowledge you find in books, videos or podcasts and convert them into habits that change your life.

  • Why bother with yet another note taking app?

    Simple: It’s not a note taking app.

    With apps like Google Keep, Evernote and OneNote, everything will eventually sink to the bottom. Your knowledge gets buried under grocery lists, reminders and cooking recipes.

    As soon as you forgot where to look for something specific, it’s gone forever.

    Guess what Tag My Knowledge is trying to solve :)

  • Remember your knowledge when it’s critical

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve read every book in existence.

    The only thing that matters is this:
    Will you remember all the important advice when it actually comes to using it in your daily life?

    Tag My Knowledge pretty much guarantees that. Here’s how:
    When you open the app, instead of a linear timeline, you see a feed of your knowledge that refreshes every day.

    It’s kind of like social media, but without random other people and it doesn’t drain your life, it’s amazing!

    Just like social media, this feed also brainwashes you into building habits.
    The good part is: You get to choose which ones :)

  • Keep up with speakers

    Taking notes can be stressful. Speakers often talk fast and jump between topics. You’re still busy categorizing your notes, but the topic has already changed twice.

    It’s annoying to rewind YouTube videos, it’s impossible to rewind live events.

    We built Tag My Knowledge on the idea that everything should work as fast as possible. This means no unnecessary clicks to do anything you want.

    For example, with existing note taking apps, you have to close your current note to create a new one. With this, you can tap “add more”.

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